Political solutions

Human beings throughout history have always made the grave mistake of believing that, should we just change the political climate and gain this and that right, our lives will be better and happier. Putting all our energy into political advocacy, we thus miss every opportunity to use our current conditions for inner recognition. Refusing to see the hardships and bitterness of the experiences as a mirror into the qualities of our souls, we fail to spiritually develop and continually leave the earth as an unripe fruit, for whom the gate of eternity remains locked.

Consider, even the Jews were consumed with liberating themselves from their Roman “oppressors”. Their warped and self-serving minds were intoxicated with political and earthly liberation, even while the SON OF GOD walked in their midst! They failed to recognize it was just those oppressive conditions that kept them spiritually sharp enough to have the opportunity to receive and recognize the Incarnation of God’s Love. For otherwise their spiritual indolence would fashion impenetrable walls around their souls, so they could inwardly fall asleep forever! Consider: while in Egypt, these same people believed their lives would be better free! They would be happier! But one step into the desert and they formed a golden calf! One step into the promised land, and they retrogressed spiritually!

The same today! Many are clamoring for “political liberation”, but do not realize the duty enjoined upon them to use the current experience to spiritually develop. To use it as a window into the assessment and correction of our souls, to recognize the deficiencies and flaws, to see the opportunities, and to thereby cultivate and blossom spiritually. Even today, as Luminous Truth walks in the midst of human beings, it is not recognized because people are too intoxicated in the belief of attaining happiness by changing “this and that politically”. Blinded by ambition, the spirit thus misses even this last opportunity to swing itself upward. It always thinks, “if this person enters office, or this person leaves, or we realigned these systems…supreme happiness would be mine”. Pitiful delusion! And what is worse, every generation always thinks “things are different now, we just need this one thing and everything will be good!” Thus does wretchedness energize itself through delusion. We fail to see that, no matter what changes we make, the same problems will always reincarnate in different forms to continually haunt and torment us, bringing more and more suffering and oppression, unless we inwardly change. And that, the ONLY real and lasting solution to every problem within and without today is the unavoidable spiritual awakening! Only when every physical action is guided by this, can lasting solutions be reaped. Never before.

It is high time, wake up.

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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