Our spiritual children

Our thoughts are seeds that impregnate the ethereal ovum atmospherically enveloping the soul. Gestating in this ethereal womb, Mother Nature finally delivers to us an offspring in the form of circumstances. Thus circumstances bear our spiritual DNA. They are our children. If you look closely at its contours, its qualities resemble what lies deep in our soul. It was our thought-procreation with energy that called them forth! If you take the DNA test of true self-assessment from the Doctor of Divine Truth, you will discover you are the parent!

Consequently, we must care for this child. It is our responsibility! If the child is unruly and crude, displeases us and causes us to suffer, then we must honestly but severely discipline their genetic progenitor that, surprise…surprise, lies deeply implanted within our souls. But if the child is dignified and noble, pleases us and brings joy, then we must reinforce the progenitorial light from whence it issued.

There is no escaping these children. For they follow us on earth, and pursue us when we depart. Since they use the Divine GPS to trace, their accurate delivery is always guaranteed. Infallibly, ineluctably. But in the end, all they really seek is Love. Howbeit, since they can only mimic us, what they need is always what, deep within, we need to cultivate.

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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2 Responses to Our spiritual children

  1. eric says:

    Do you think these spiritual children could possibly be the Israelites?


    • It is possible you misunderstood the concept above. “Spiritual children” was meant to symbolize the formation of thoughts we generate, which “Mother Nature” then births to us in the form of the unique circumstances and experiences in our lives. Broadly speaking, that is what I meant. I hope this helps.


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