Am I ready for Truth? – Four decisive questions for all seekers.

Today, there is a restlessness plaguing the spirit of man that thirsts for Eternal Truth—real, objective, comprehensive, gapless Eternal Truth that reveals ALL things. Not the concepts formed by the inspiration of the human brain that passes for truth today. Many fancy themselves ready to recognize it. However, human beings who seek Truth today should first calmly ask themsleves these questions to ascertain the earnestness of their seeking:

1) Am I willing to relinquish all self-endowed rights, personal ideas of self-importance, notions of deservedness, and modern opinions…no matter how appealing and pleasing?
2) Am I willing to uncompromisingly change everything about my life (inwardly and outwardly)?
3) Am I willing to concede that almost everything I have ever believed and been taught about the Creator and His Perfect Will is either wrong, distorted, or at BEST incomplete (all religions included)—no matter the source?
4) Am I willing to renounce all ideas of my desired role in the Universe; and instead voluntarily accept and submit to the one assigned me by a Higher, Unchangeable and Eternal Order—no matter how low the said role may be?

The human today who cannot answer an enthusiastic, joyful, and heartfelt “yes” to all these questions should pack his bags and go his way! For he should never beguile himself into the delusion that he is earnestly seeking Truth, for he will never find It. In sooth, he is only seeking indolence, vanity, conceit, and complacently disguised in different forms. Thus, unless he changes, he momentarily falls into the company of the “foolish virgins” whose lamp is without oil. With Truth, there is no compromising, it is “either-or”, all or nothing.

Only when a human being can answer “yes” to these questions with a heart overflowing with sacred longing will the gate for the realization of Eternal Truth open today. Never before.

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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