Truth and spirit; Relativity and the brain

The brain, by its nature, can only reproduce into images, chemicals, emotions, and words, the will and volition that issue from the human soul; the same way the ear can only hear and process the sound waves that issue from a foreign mouth or object. For this reason, anyone binding themselves to the limitations of the physical brain and hopes to find Truth deceives themselves, for they will logically only see Truth as relative, because the brain is only able to process the relative nature of the soul’s volition and the energy around it; the same way the ear can only hear the relative tone of words. Only the human spirit within the body is able to perceive the uniform nature of Truth. They will argue it is relative, like the ear will childishly assert tones are relative. However, they are right as far as the earthbound brain is concerned, because the brain is only made to apprehend and process the relativity of things, but can never transcend to perceive the constance and unchangeability of Truth like the human spirit.

For this reason, any idea of relativity of Truth is revelation of personal limitation of comprehension bound to the earth brain. So the profusion of mottos such as “everyone has their own truth” or “truth is relative” just means the said individuals can no longer experience themselves as human spirits, but identify as spirit only the thoughts that come from their physical brain. Consequently, they will ask for “proof” about this and that, meaning only what is “physically verifiable” by the brain they have become enslaved to. However, since the human spirit is outside the brain, they will never be able to grasp Truth because it is beyond their reach and comprehension.

“There is no proof the Creator exists”, you hear. Well, the Universe is a work like this essay is a work. As the author, I am not in the work, I am outside it. In the same way, the Almighty is not in the work of the Universe, but outside it. If you tried to find me inside my essay it would be foolish, because a human being cannot meld with paper and live inside it. No one would expect such an impossibility. All you can experience in this essay is my nature and perceive the direction of my human will. If this is true with earthly things, how much so with the Creator? Why then would a person ever seek to find “proof” within His work? Calmly let that sink in. Thus, in Creation, all we can perceive and experience is the Almighty’s Will expressed in the Activity within the great Work! Naturally, the comprehension bound to the physical brain that demands “proof” is no longer able to even perceive this simple fact. It is through this that the iron gavel pounds in Judgment.

All the confusion is a consequence of the binding of the human soul to the limitations of the physical brain within the body it is wearing! Moreover, it also indicates an advancing loss of spiritual identity and recognition, and thus the interposing of earthly limitations before the eyes of the spirit. Furthermore, since academia, higher education, all research, and society at large demands only physical evidence, the result is that only confusion and moral relativity can be the conclusion of all contemporary theories and exertions.

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

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