Climate Change, Paris Agreement

Scientists and citizens alike are in uproar and passionately protesting the recent decision of the President to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement, citing “concerns for the environment”, “endangering our future”, “climate change”, and a plethora of other mottos.

But how narrow-minded have we humans become in that we are only able to muster energy on matters connected with our physical bodies! Who among these protestors have given one single thought about the reasons for the rapidly deteriorating spiritual climate surrounding humanity today? About the increased “spiritual carbon emissions” that comprises our dark volition, evil thoughts, distorted concepts, malicious words, dull thinking, and reckless behaviors? And how these collectively pollute the spiritual atmosphere and thus cause and contribute to the degenerating social standards that manifest in all phases of life today? Who is as zealous about researching and dealing with this moral crisis inwardly in their souls as much as they are about dealing with pollution outwardly?

Our President is “ignoring science” and putting us in danger by withdrawing from the Paris agreement. The environment is in danger for future generations! But who today is equally as concerned about our ignoring the Divine Will, withdrawing from the Divine Covenant, and thus polluting the moral atmosphere in such a way that it eats away at the soul like a terminal cancer? Yes, we should and must care for the environment and seek physical ennoblement will all our energy! It is our sacred responsibility as humans! Of course! But know we are human souls first who will leave this body, and should FIRST OF ALL be watchful about what corrupts the human soul and induces it toward indolence and degeneration, as is rampant today.

I am sure all this might appear odd to some folks, even make them uncomfortable, but this is only because our capacity to truly see ourselves as human souls in a physical body is lost! We see ourselves as physical bodies that have a human soul, and can ONLY perceive, understand, and become passionate about what impacts the physical environment. For us to care about it, it must touch the physical body our souls are wearing (and will soon leave), otherwise we are deaf and blind. It is in this that we diligently prepare the mass grave in which we must be buried through our stubborn refusal to heed Divine counsel.

We individually each, and with the greatest effort, have to undertake the purification of our spiritual carbon emissions, so as to cleanse the immoral atmosphere ominously surrounding us and the earth. For that is of utmost urgency and is the primary danger of our time. Only then will things change even physically.

In this, the Word of Truth shows us the way.

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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