The root of all suffering

Carefully observing life experiences and the pattern of our reactions, I have discovered all suffering, pain, grief, agony and oppression of the soul all have ONE root cause: The inability to see and experience the Love of God manifested in and through the experience of the moment. Verily this will appear overly simplistic to the earthbound intellectually complicated mind, but if you search the deepest cause of suffering through every period of your life, you will find this present.

When I mean “Love”, I do not mean indulgent sentimentality that cuddles and appeases our earthbound desires. No, I mean the Preservative and Sustaining Universal Force whose sole aim is to further our inner development, continually refine us, and manifest only that which serves to benefit and mature us into greater strength of soul. Consequently, it cannot always be pleasing.

To understand this “Love” more, we can use the concept of “benefit” and “help”. We find ourselves in difficult circumstances, and feel pain at losses and anxieties. We see the breakdown of family, the illness of children, the conflict in society etc. We feel overwhelmed and aggrieved. But deep within this sorrow is the inability to see how these events are beneficial, helpful, and thus aids for our inner maturation. We cannot see how it is the harbinger of the Love, so we cannot see HOW this leads to the “Love” of the Creator, and thus we cannot find the Love of the Creator in it. However, since we are told the following [John 14:6] about the objective recognition of Divine Love that alone leads to the Creator, our inability to find this Love makes us feel cutoff from It, isolated and abandoned, forsaken. Isolated, we feel fearful and sorrowful, doubting in any grand noble objective to life’s experiences. But when we cannot see this Love, we also cannot see His Justice. Ergo, we suffer because we feel we have been unjustly treated by His Love, and unfairly punished by His Justice.

Go deep in your soul and investigate unsparingly! If you honestly search your heart devoid of earthly thoughts, you will discover this root of all suffering. So, what is the first step? For me, my current practice is seeking to inwardly see the value and necessity of every experience before me. Not just the value, but the indispensable value. The operative word is “indispensable”, for once you allow yourself to believe there could have been “better” methods for your spiritual instruction, you lay the groundwork for inner rebellion and the rejection of the experience that will only oppress you. Hence, as I see lessons in the moment for myself, and recognize the inner values I need for my development, I am slowly convinced of the necessity and indispensability of the experience. From here, it is only a short step to recognizing this Love. Admittedly, the process of changing a longstanding attitude is not easy. But the practice is worth it and is inwardly liberating. Anything that leads to our inner renewal will not come overnight, but will require dedicated effort, serious commitment, and sustained exertion.

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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