The call for leaders by citizens

If any “leader” offers you a solution through policy, without first requiring you change your attitude, concepts, and beliefs, then such policies will only seem to work. It will be operationally glued together only through temporary force of law, but will eventually breakdown. Sooner or later. For it is the consciousness of people that sustain the forms and developments of any area. The consciousness is the foundation. And where the consciousness is not sound, the building will eventually collapse.

Think of colonialists who setup institutions in foreign countries among people who have a foreign culture, way of thinking, and lifestyle. When they leave, it is sustained for a while and appears operationally sound, but eventually chaos ensues and things breakdown. Why? The consciousness of the people are different, and only those forms suitable to their consciousness can ever be sustained, nothing else.

For this reason, any political demands, advocacy, marches, movements etc that does not first address the consciousness of man is only, regardless of the warm intentions, sowing the seeds of eventual collapse and oppression in a different form. For permanent upbuilding and success, permanently changing our consciousness is unavoidable.

That is why the one who observes the masses today clamoring about idealism, excited about pushing policies and “ideas”, condemning this and that leader, yet are intransigent about really changing their heart and consciousness, will gaze knowingly upon the future. Like gazing into a crystal ball, he will see the ineluctability of collapse in the future and will allow events to take their course. Silently confident in the operation of Universal Law.

It is for this reason people today can never hope for a real leader. For most people today are absolutely unwilling to alter even one iota of their inner consciousness. Thus false leaders must flourish everywhere and lead people unto the abyss of infamy! Until the time when people are truly ready to change. Only then can the time for the real leaders of humanity come. Never before.

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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