What is the role of peace in the belief in oneself?

The presence or absence of peace in the soul is always the starting-point of a clear insight into any matter. Belief in oneself in the absence of peace only breeds vanity that will always subconsciously seek affirmation in different ways, and is liable to get easily wounded. Furthermore, when we encourage people to have faith and believe in themselves, we should ask: what is the substance of that faith? What is the concept that underlies the belief? From where does it arise?

When we reach in the air and, just to fill the void, adopt a concept that is not grounded in conscious substantive knowledge, we set ourselves up for pain. For we then build within ourselves a weak conceptual glasshouse that will be shattered by the first impact of tribulation, thus causing self-doubt and insecurity to flare up. Hence, faith and belief in oneself, through a weak foundation and vacuous substance, becomes self-defeating. You see?

Ergo, real peace within the soul must precede the hasty formation of any belief in self. For only from the peaceful stillness does the right concept form. What is peace? For a better understanding I will say that peace is the harmony that results from a connection to higher power, i.e. when a higher power infuses and guides a lesser one. Here is an illustration: think of our lower emotions as misbehaving children, and the higher power from above as being the adult. The discipline the adult lovingly but firmly imposes on the rascal child brings them to order and decorum! The calmness and harmony in the environment and within the child that results from the discipline is peace.

Thus, it takes the pure connection to a higher energy from above for greater power to enter and discipline, subdue, and call to order the lower energies of human emotions! The stillness, calmness, and harmony that then abides inwardly in the soul through the anchorage of the higher power is peace. That is how I seek to attain peace, which requires the effort of maintaining a constant connection above. Only through preserving this upward link in purity do we have a proper foundation for the beginnings of the formation of any reasonable concept, belief, or idea of self.

When we reach this point, we then discover it becomes less about believing in oneself and more about believing and being convinced of the omnipotent nature and extensive capabilities of the greater power with which we always seek to connect; the nexus that then partially manifests and is reflected slightly in our own capabilities and talents. Hence our belief then becomes grounded not really in ourselves, but in the inconceivable greatness of the power that flows to us from above, that itself originates from the Holy Source of All Life…God the Father!

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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