The Search for Truth

Do not bicker, argue and debate about what constitutes Truth or not, just go and seriously seek to apply the concepts of your belief in the daily circumstances of real life. Then what is false and incomplete will quickly show itself. For what is True, by its very nature, brings the individual into a harmonious alignment with sacred peace and contentment, devoid of any feelings of ill-will, vengeance, irritation, fear, anxiety, and the whole host of its turbulent kin. If seriously applied, no matter the storms that rage and howl, Truth will navigate you to an island of deep inner calmness divested of the animus of any vestige of retribution. You cannot possibly disparage others with your words via gossip, or wish suffering upon them, since you would have experienced this thinking can never bring you any peace, only more fuel to feed your malice, carelessness, discontent, and disquietude.

In your search to discover and experience this Truth in life, you thus focus on the lesson each situation proffers for your own development. Knowing only the internalization of this can bring you calmness and peace. Streamlining your thinking enables you to remove all the extra fat and clutter from an event that could serve to only distract or even poison your thinking. In this honest battle, you then realize it is impossible for another to nullify your sins and erase the weaknesses in your own soul, except you. Why? You would experience that, in real life, the cause of every evil that burdens you and robs you of peace, lies in the decisions you inwardly make in life. Therefore, to get this peace and eliminate your sins and weaknesses, you have to make different decisions and think differently, which will enable you to reap differently. You will realize the power of ascent and liberation, of the purification of your own soul lies in your hands alone, so any doctrine that states otherwise must be flawed.

Yes. In life, you thus start perceiving Truth if you earnestly seek with your whole heart. If you are honest, you then easily differentiate between misconceptions and reality. Between what empowers you for inner conquest as a personality responsible for everything he thinks and does vs. what renders you a victim dependent on the capricious mercy of “chance”. No other words are needed. If you are honest in this process, you will at least discover gaps in your existing concepts that requires filling by something more, by something comprehensive and logical. Only when you come to this point of realizing the deficiencies of where you stand and the futility of your concepts, and then the longing for greater clarity arises and forms a humble petition…only then are you ready for Truth. Never before.

Ergo, to receive Truth today, each person must earnestly seek to discover It through his personal exertions in life experiences. He cannot be idle and pontificate about this and that, but he must exert himself to perceive It. Only when he consistently goes through all this trouble does he, overtime, prove himself worthy of receiving it.

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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