The city of delusions

In the city of contemporary human delusions, the Ambassador of Truth must always remain an unwelcome guest and find no lodging. A persona non grata despised by the inhabitants of this ill-fated territory who skillfully purvey doom under the deceptive mask of change, rejecting all help from the Ambassador. And so, merriment is rampant along with a false sense of security, as the flag of delusion blows in the wind. It appears Truth is banished and human sagacity has won! But the rejoicing is short-lived, for what the masses failed to recognize is that this city of delusions is situated on a land that sits atop Tectonic Plates of Divine Truth that has now commenced its seismic movements, intensifying moment by moment…until the ill-fated territory is swallowed into extinction.

But before this end, a voice resounds: “Plug your ears if you will, numb your senses if you like, but ’tis of no avail! For those growing sensations of psychic ground-convulsions are merely the intensifying reverberations that issue from the swelling chorus of unstoppable Tectonic music. Do you hear the advancing Divine Orchestra? Hearken ye! It’s commanding flow now pronouncing only two options in the great reckoning: 1) Abandon the city and follow the Ambassador or 2) Perish in the rubble of the inevitable collapse. No other options exist!”

And so, for each is the decision of either-or, yea or nay, darkness or light, liberation or collapse. Man today is lost in this city, within which a small metal gate is suddenly opened by the Ambassador. But even this gate is fast closing, and once locked, will be bolted forevermore; trapping all occupants within the walls of the city, and marking them as damned for the Tectonic shocks to consume.

Each person faces this momentous decision. Run towards the gate or stay in the city? The decision is free, but the consequences are final and irrevocable.

Make haste, for the Bells of Judgment rings.

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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