Stress, What is stress?

Everything is energy. All life is just the different ways energy has taken on form into varying species of being. Truth is simply the nature and objective characteristics of how the energy works, along with its different original forms. Real knowledge is the proper way to use energy to achieve the highest ideals of Truth. The human soul is a form of spiritual energy, but it also uses a type of energy to live. Our concepts are the prism through which we transform energy into the emotions we experience. So, stress arises when we face a situation and are ignorant of how to use the energy to achieve the ideal. Stress can thus be classified as either a buildup of energy or a scattering of energy, i.e. misapplication of energy.

The mind does not create energy, but transforms it. The concepts of our minds are the “codes” through which energy is processed into the “software” of different emotions. These codes are the prototypes that, through thought signals, compel the brain to create physiological replicas we experience in the body through chemicals, toxins etc. The composition of these chemicals and their affect on the body is what science categorizes as different emotions, one of which we can label “stress”.

The Creative Energy from the Source streams into everything. As every space is filled with oxygen, so is every situation filled with energy. Our nose inhales the oxygen, and the lungs cooperates to transform it into carbon dioxide; the same way our mind “inhales” energy, and the “lungs” of our concepts cooperate to transform it into a specific type of energy that becomes a definite emotion. So we can absorb a lot of energy, but it is how we process it that creates the pressure we experience as stress.

All situations, environments, relationships, experiences and contexts is just the strict interplay of heterogeneous and homogeneous forces of energy. If the individual assesses his heart, he will arrive at the fact that energy can be dispensed towards us–or a nefarious or benevolent type can even be the predominant one that fills a space–but it is our capacity to direct it that either causes the buildup and indiscriminate scattering we call stress… or the rhythmic dispensation we call peace or joy. It is when we are reckless or narrow with how to guide this energy engendered in the moment that there is an impact, tension, and duress we call stress.

If real knowledge clues us into how to properly guide energy, with stress there is a narrowing and squeezing of consciousness that occurs. We experience this narrowing as fear and anxiety. Contracting inwardly, the scope of our ability to see different possibilities in the moment diminishes. We then become bound to fixed and limited ideas, and thus become anxious to realize the narrow concepts in which we place our fading hopes and last chance of attaining our notion of happiness in the moment. In this state, we are underutilizing the flow of energy from the Creative Source, so there is a buildup manifested as tension and stress. Furthermore, what we are able to dispense is contaminated by the impurity of our viewpoint, so our emanation at this state of stress has an enervating effect. But there is problem! What? No man can stop the flow of energy from on high, he can only lessen the intensity with which it flows through him, so there is gradual buildup of forces, followed eventually by a bursting that manifests as a scattering of some sort. So both the buildup and scattering go hand-in-hand, and are a result of a lack of knowledge of how to properly guide energy constructively in this moment.

The main thing is to atomize and expand every concept. When we atomize it and see the roots in its basic form, we discover patterns that the broader picture and the smallest forms reflect the same principle. For the microcosm of a principle reflects the macrocosm of reality, since they both arose from the same Power, it follows the same principle must operate harmoniously in them. What physically manifests that is categorized as an outside object impacting another to create change is the sciences narrower definition of stress. Whereby there is stress on an object when there is more pressure without than within. Or something without causes a change in a form. Spiritually, more pressure without means the inner volition is weaker and more dissonant than the energy of its environment. When it diminishes in vigor, the said individual becomes a captive of the energy of a happening and is pushed hither and thither. He rightfully becomes stressed owing to his weakening.

In physical objects, stress can operate uniformly. But in the realm of man, the variable is the free will. Through the free will, man can form concepts that determines how he experiences. So stress at the level of the human spirit is optional, is a choice, and is conditional on the contents of his inner life. We thus find that stress on the physical level and the soul level are different in their manifestation, yet similar in principle. Stress, therefore, is a choice each man makes. Is a way he decides to engage and use energy. From its effects, he can reexamine his heart and make changes for a more joyful experience, or be encouraged to affirm an attitude if it brought peace. Each man is the master of his fate, and is never at anytime by virtue of the free will deprived of the opportunity to create a different and more pleasurable experience.

Entangled the individual may be. Long the path may be. Arduous the struggle may be. But the power for liberation and change is placed in our hands, and the help to achieve this is abundant. With the constant good volition, and never surrendering in the battle of self-conquest, victory will eventually be won. May each achieve this.

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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