The American consciousness

From my life experiences I have found that the USA for the most part, by nature, is truly a land of disingenuousness. Wit, intellect, calculation, and cleverness are the dominant qualities required to pass through. In fact, these qualities are even demanded of you in order to pass through a day unscathed. Not surprising considering those were the qualities upon which it was established. Spontaneous and genuine conviviality is not in the tone of this nations character. Even if it was, it would be a frail tune smothered beneath mounds of noise. If recorded musically, the sound of this country would be cacophonous. Distrust and skepticism is the default currency of relations betweens citizens. Friction is an addiction that hungers to be indulged. Everyone watches with some form of suspicion over others, polluted with envy in his heart, and ready with his bag of salt to throw handfuls on anything he sees and hears that appears genuine. It is so ingrained in the national psyche that all genuineness sensed within another is either positioned as prey to be exploited somehow, or is assailed with an incredulity that is convinced will discover strings somewhere. “Too good to be true”, the expression of presumed mendacity, is an idiomatic mother whose genetic code finds its great resemblance and most compliant offspring in the American consciousness.

One reared in the bosom of this atmosphere will struggle in vain to truly understand this, which actually requires personal experiencing of something else in order to grasp. Only when he immerses himself in the folds of a homogeneous and jolly people abroad, surrenders his vanity of exceptionalism to become a vulnerable outsider, relinquishes his learned but empty knowledge of what constitutes standards of human civilization, and only then begin flowing with the warming tsunami of genuineness within a people who are devoid of intellectual cogitation…only then will he understand how deprived he had been. Only then will the antipodal contrast strike him so intensely as to lend new light to his eyes to see life in radiant color, as opposed to the hueless pictures he deludingly vaunts as vivid chroma. Only then will he feel himself like Lazarus, resurrected from the dead of cold and virtueless human relations. But there is yet another aid for those unable to undertake this engilding pilgrimage! You see, what America fails to understand is that, the very immigrants and foreigners they look down upon from other continents, while so steadfastly preventing or limiting their entry in order not to “dilute” the culture here, are the very teachers they need to tutor them on how to retrieve the lost warmth of their humanity. The foreign throng are the instructors meant to initiate them into rediscovering the values of the spirit. But since their skepticism and ego rarely extends beyond economic appraisal of others as a means of determining importance, their haughty rebuff of this crucial help will become the coup de grâce of the flatlining national consciousness. But for those who hearken to this tutelage, a laurel wreath of new insights and rediscovered values will baptize your soul with new light to live. Help comes in many forms, happy is he who recognizes this and grasps it with full hands.

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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