The longing for harmony…A nighttime stream of consciousness

A bit perturbed at days end, I sought refuge in two soft pieces of music whose soothing melodies cradled the vacillating heart back to harmony. Harmony! I have often reflected and experienced how we men no longer know or understand what harmony is. Despite the profusion of words we use, we have become addicts of tension and stress, our omnidirectional desires poisoning the soul and ravaging the heart with the vice of disquietude. When interacting with others, there are troubled thoughts nestling within. Our gaze like radars blinking to uncover faults and defects. When walking down a sidewalk, unease, irritation, and strife silently persecutes and tortures the heart to restlessness. When free time is bequeathed… media, music, conversations, books and “friends” are pursued who more or less feature some level of drama, tension, base passion, stress, and at the very most are a convenient preoccupation from searching our hearts in stillness. Even when all is well, the individual foments duress that keeps him anxious about something yet to come. Compunction about the past haunts man like an incubus, fear and stress savage him about the present, and anxiety bedevils his soul about the future. Always, there is something that chases his steps and divests him from hearing and swinging with the celestial cadence of heavenly peace and harmony. So he lives neither in the past, present or future, but lives in a confusing paramnesia and dizzying purgatory.

I searched my heart and found unending traces of this metastasizing contagion, the personal virus which forms the springboard of these deliberations. To have harmony within, to swing peacefully, to delight in the calm bliss of felicity that finds its ecstasy solely in the tones of calmness ensconced in the moment; can man today honestly proclaim this is his reality? To have no goal but the movement of joy. To really drink of this rapture of harmony for the sake of itself. It seems there is always a need to struggle against something, to chase passions, to battle and exhaust over a labyrinth of complexities that only enervate the soul to hopeless exhaustion, thus reducing its erstwhile sturdy legs to a debilitating leprosy. Perhaps it is the nectarial dregs of deep night that daringly graduates the thoughts and engilds the mind into such Elysian Fields of insights. But the sentiments are earnest even though appearing spontaneous and delirious. Harmony just for harmony, can we say we truly understand what this even means? We unconsciously derive meaning from the amount of tension and drama we battle through, undergirded as it is by some avaricious goal of which we are always harassed, in the delusion that this struggle is a hallmark of nobility. A halo of splendor that discriminates us with a special mark of distinction. Perhaps in some sense it is, regarding what we need to “overcome” and liberate ourselves from through experiences, but there is more to it. There has to be. Infinitely so.

Can there be boredom in harmony? Can there be anxiety in harmony? Worry? Stress? Tension? Uneasiness? Argument? Moodiness? Sordid passions? No. Yet we indulge daily so feverishly and voraciously in these varieties that we cannot understand what it means to have harmony within, perpetual harmony of buoyant joy that is umolested by tension and a capricious moodiness. Listening to the pieces of soft music, watching the beautiful videos, and then juxtaposing it with the source of the perturbation that hitherto ravaged me awakened a majority of these thoughts and reflections. The evident atmosphere of harmony suffusing them induced the listening one to a commensurate concord. Sometimes the greatest clarity is found within the moment of an unfiltered catharsis. To maintain harmony at all times, based on the declivity of our present spiritual coordinates, is surely a feat. One that requires high attunement, high dedication and high energy. But nevertheless possible, simple, and a truly worthy goal. The sentiment of longing to realize continuous harmony is what awoke and gripped the spirit with an ardent yearning as I sat in the nocturnal hours listening to the music.

Reader, I wish you harmony. The attainment of a continuous, flowing and enduring harmony that bespeaks the Light of Heaven. For truly that is the one state that no longer exists in a pure form among we men today. We can use words and talk, but in actual application, we have lost the innocence of true harmony. A childlike harmony free of disquiet. It is that sacred goal I wish you, I wish me, I wish us all in our journey of life.

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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