Can a man, without further ado, just starting loving God unconditionally?

Is it possible for a human today, without further ado, to just suddenly start loving the Almighty intimately? To realize true love for the Light based solely on his desire for it, and without any transition steps? We hear the highest commandment given by Jesus was to “Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul, with all thy strength and with all thy mind”. Bearing this in mind, we just assume we can leapfrog into this love today. Is it possible? We can sincerely try. Howbeit, my attempts to walk this path have borne fruits of struggles. Deviant thoughts and feelings would arise and make this effort feel almost artificial, contrived even. To address this inexplicably suffusing psychic pressure, I assessed myself carefully and asked “why?” Why this is the case, while always knowing a struggle exists, regarding Divine concepts, due to the more or less deficiency of an approach but never the truth of the concept itself. After some reflection, the following was the picture that developed:

The human spirit at the time of Jesus was not as hampered by the intellect as today. Figuratively they were childlike in their nature. Childlikeness (not childishness) is more prevalent in children than adults, and when present it has a natural orientation of affection and obedience toward adults and especially their parents, even when a direct relationship is not present. A child can love their father without fully understanding him or knowing him. Even when the father is absent in their life, the child will long to give this love to him. The perception of consanguinity alone is enough to trigger and fortify this intuition. At this stage, affection is immanent, is given freely, quite naturally, and reciprocally craved and longed for as a protective need for existence, yet without fully understanding. However, when puberty strikes and the intellect awakens, the entire process changes. The teenager and young adult can no longer be close to anyone it does not know. A relationship must be present. The same father the child could spill affection to, the teenager would need to first of all ask questions, gather knowledge, become familiar, in order to be comfortable and discern if their natures resonate. Only through this comfort of knowing is trust and familiarity established that allows a type of affection of friendship to thrive and grow; from which “love” can blossom. At this stage, the love given is a consequence of understanding and strict resonance.

Today, the condition of the human spirit prevents it from truly loving the Light without understanding the Light, i.e. the ways of the Light. To understand is to acquire a knowledge of, or to establish clarity about. The more we understand the Light, the more we can trust the Light. In the clarity of this trust, a warmth awakens that is likened to affection. Affection that is a gradation of love. When I say trust, I do not mean the theoretic nebulae and amorphous suppositions we call trust. But real trust that shows in our inner attitude during situations. Uneasiness, doubt, anxiety, distress and wavering is when we distrust the Light. It surfaces our lack of understanding about the ways of the Light. The nescience that is really distrust. Distrust that is irreconcilable with love. Hence I mean the real trust able to joyfully read the inscriptions of His Will in ALL situations, calmly and confidently. Only that is real trust that approximates love for the Light.

To bring this point closer to home, let me say the following: a man who has and nurses faults cannot truly say he has love for the Light. But at best, he has the desire to love the Light or is cultivating love for the Light. The desire is not the same has being the love itself, but remains a striving and aspiration toward something. If you search your heart closely, you will discover that the quiddity of faults is essentially when we place some form of our self-will over the Divine Will. It is when we trust our way of approach to attain happiness above everything else that comes from God. Two examples:

1) A domineering person just believes that controlling and dictating the actions of people will make life more predictable and easier for him, thus less volatile and can give him more peace and happiness. But being domineering, he has chosen to ignore the law of free will to allow freedom of decision to others. The autonomy only through which he and others can actually experience and grow. He rebels against this commandment of God to appease his self-will, only to then say that he “loves” the Light. Foison guile! He loves only himself…deep down! 

2) A woman is a firecracker with her anger and easily detonates. But what is ease to anger? When we cultivate a selfish and narrow position we stubbornly adhere to, anger becomes the executive arm that impatiently attempts to subdue our environment to subscribe to and align with the position of our self-will. It is the impatience and inability to tolerate any deviation from our narrowly cultivated concepts, which brings the lashing out to compel compliance in defense of our ego. That is ease to anger. In this, our desire to compel adherence and enforce the position of our self-will supersedes our desire to see and approach the situation a different way that would more conform to the Will of the Light. We have chosen self-will over the Divine Will, which means we trust our self-will to bring us happiness over the Divine Will…otherwise we would act accordingly. Our ease to anger and inability to consider a different view is witness to this! Then this person will say under a different breath that they “love” the Light! Beguiling thalidomide! They do not really trust the Light, for they love and trust themselves first…deep down! The same principle holds for every fault we human spirits bear within today!

So when we have emotions such as fear, hopelessness, doubt, anxiety etc, we cannot say we love the Light because we do not trust the Light. Let me provide a breakdown:

Fear is the inability to see Light

Hopelessness is the cessation of efforts to see Light

Doubt is the anticipation of not seeing Light

Anxiety is the fear of insufficient Light

Ignorance is the lack of knowledge of Light

So when fear (inability to see Light) mixes with ignorance (lack of knowledge of Light), you get hate/rash anger (attack to maintain our refusal to see Light)

Let me digress to a seemingly unrelated topic for a moment. The latter example about the woman is who is quick to anger helps us grasp a fundamental principle that anger is the culminating fruit of an unfulfilled narrowly conceived position. Irritation is its forerunner! Meaning someone might believe they are “peaceful”, yet obstinately cling to a myriad of narrow conceptions, the limitation of which they themselves are nescient. So all Life would need to do in order to reveal this is just increase the pressure of experiences for these positions to surface i.e., manifest the fruit of circumstances in which these views are challenged or breached. When exposed to this, the individual’s expectation for their positions to be adopted or recognized lays the groundwork for irritation. Irritation that conflagrates to anger. The feeling is meant to initiate the angered one into the narrowness and rigidity of his conception and approach. It is meant to reveal his stalwart guarding of some injured plants of vanity sprouting in the soil of ego. Any limitation and narrowness of concept accompanied by even a vestige of a desire to enforce it will manifest as irritation and even anger when pressure increases…sooner or later! But more of this another time before we deviate too much from the actual topic.

Back to our main stream of discourse:

The Words of Jesus are true, for it is Spiritual Law. However, the path to experiencing it is completely different today than it was in the past. Today we need understanding to be convinced, conviction in order to trust, trust in order to obey, obedience in order to love. Back then, the state of the human spirit enabled it the possibility to skip all steps and just love in childlikeness. Today, it is impossible. Why? We are in the harvest. Hearken ye:

1) The season of Creation itself is in a maturation stage, known as “harvest”. It is going through “spiritual puberty”. Look around you and you will see degeneration in all phases of life. Rapid retrogression is proof of this transition process because at the harvest the poison fruit sprouts alongside the healthy ones. However, the poison fruit sprouts only to be packaged and eliminated by the farmer, while the healthy ones in lavish profusion are continually fortified. So the quicker the degeneration, the closer is the point of deliverance, and the greater the separation between good and evil. Hence the great changes in the Universe today coupled with the multiplicity of inexplicable events incomprehensible to the earthly intellect makes a childlike belief with no extension of spiritual knowledge a recipe for stagnation and retrogression. For the changes now occurring will confuse and make a person waver who cannot survey the process. Man needs true spiritual knowledge.

2) All that is dead is awakened. Meaning all the tendencies and abilities of all human spirits are being germinated and called to awakening at this stage of Creation. Growth to consciously strong activity as a responsible spiritual personality necessitates conscious knowledge, no more youthful trusting without knowledge.  As the currents of energy coursing through the Universe touch the spirit today, an influx of desires and urges will gush in stronger force from the spirit. These dormant abilities, tendencies and qualities suddenly called to an awakening is the “resurrection of all that is dead”. So intense is the heat of their sprouting that in order to guide these desires unto channels that will yield the optimal fruit in the maturation of his spiritual personality toward perfection, he needs comprehensive spiritual knowledge without gaps to give him clarity. For without this complete seeing, lack of knowledge will bring forth a wrong application of power, whose effects summon the inevitability of a crash.

3) The overdevelopment of the intellect has crippled all childlike approach, the outgrowth of which always expresses doubt and distrust at the smallest appearance of a gap in knowledge. The distrust that leads to a silent rebellion of noncompliance and disobedience, as well as a multiplication of faults therein. In addition, the outgrowth of the intellect is not necessarily a sign of progress, for the characteristic of the intellect is to scoff at and ridicule all knowledge that exceeds the narrow limits of earthly information. The consequence of this a glorification of all pursuits that pleases the senses and the increasing valorization of systems that exclude spiritual values.

Amid this backdrop that is why the person who thinks, without further ado, he can just start randomly loving the Light is really, in a way, deceiving himself. He can endeavor, he can desire and even long for it, but to achieve it he must understand the Light. The same way an estranged child who has never met their parent will not feign undying love and imaginary affection upon the first meeting, but will slowly ask questions in order to familiarize themselves with and understand this important figure! They will weigh how closely the answers of their long lost parent resonate with their own heart and tendencies, and in this process will slowly develop a knowledge and affinity. From this, trust awakens. Trust is a conviction of dependability. From trust, they then commence voluntarily realizing the aspiration of their parent. The activity that evidences loving this parent through the friendship, through the relationship forged upon absolute understanding, clarity, trust and love. The clarity that only an adult can establish.

If you think about it even practically, your understanding of your parents deepen when you have a family of your own and take on like responsibilities. Only then can you enter into similar experiences of your parent and survey through your own life their sacrifices and exertions. Compassion, understanding and gratitude awakens. The same is true for man spiritually in that the Lord, upon the completion of his spiritual development, mercifully granting him permission to participate in the administration of a Spiritual Kingdom in Eternity. The more he grows in this joyful activity with guidance from the Light, the more he will realize his limitations and also experience the tremendous love needed to help an activity blossom. In this, his clarity of the Love in the Will of the Light responsible for the activity of all existence, beingness, and all Creations will deepen. His love will then eternally intensify for the abiding Grace of God that permits him to work consciously every hour anew in supreme bliss and happiness!

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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