What man chooses to believe

Whenever I read comments, articles and essays, I often perceive a prodigious self-importance that many people wallow in for choosing to believe or not believe in this or that spiritual principle. Some even get a special high from questioning some texts or casting doubt in certain beliefs. However, what humans need to understand is this: what you choose to believe is your responsibility and personal affair. Many people have become accustomed to religious groups chasing after them and seeking to convince them in order to “bring them into their fold”. The masses have become acclimatized to feeling important and pursued, as if Truth needs them in order to function! As if the Universe must do the work to silence their doubts. As if the Universe must prove itself to them before they condescend to consider as valid any other perspective outside theirs.

Look, the concepts and the beliefs you have is the responsibility you bear before the Creator. You alone must answer for them. If you nurse a wrong concept and have no desire to change, no true enlightened person will seek to convince or debate with you. Simply, they will leave you in the whirlpool of your own vanity to experience the consequences of such brazen egotism. No desire exists to “prove” anything to anyone within the person who truly knows. The same pertains for the Universe and Creation. The Universe will not “chase you” around and hope you believe in its Truth. Hence it is man who must seek to understand, it is man who must seek to know, it is man who must prove himself worthy of receiving wisdom…not vice versa.

Man does not create energy, oxygen, water, earth, sun, planets, stars, the body he wears, the food he eats etc… he creates absolutely nothing of all that sustains his existence. He is more dependent on the Universe than a newborn child is to its mother. Yet he is the most vain and arrogant about the views he holds. Yet he feels he is in a position to believe or not believe this and that. Feeling life must prove itself to him. He has become accustomed to being pursued by people and religious groups. For this reason, he must now be left alone in order to be helped.

He who does not have a desire to change his positions should be left alone. He who is stubborn in his concepts should not be convinced. He who defiantly fosters a wrong outlook should not be pursued, and he who wants to believe in randomness, in chance, and seeks to impudently stamp their distorted and limited human concepts as inviolable truth should be left alone to battle in the tempest of their own delusions. Help should be extended only to those willing to change their perspectives and see a different one, willing to question themselves honestly, willing to admit any conflict of misunderstanding is simply human limitation, willing to admit there must be Divine Truth that stands over and above everything. And willing to admit this Truth does not need him, but he needs this Truth!

Only the person who has cultivate a parsel of humility and actively yearns for more should be engaged and helped. The rest should be left alone, for they ascribe too much importance to themselves the moment people try to convince or persuade them. People must be made to understand that Truth remains eternally unchangeable, and it does not chase after, court the favor of men or try to convince them of anything. Whatever man chooses to believe he will be abandoned to unless he actively questions himself in humility and opens himself to a different possibility. It is not Truth that should be privileged to be recognized by man, but man must prove himself worthy of receiving Truth before it is offered to him. Only this attitude of utmost humility will form the starting-point of any earnest help and engagement with Truth. Anything less and, regardless of what he chooses to believe or ask in confusion, man will be met only with a dispassionate silence!

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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