The room of flatulence

After a while, the occupants in a room that stinks of flatus are unable to smell it. Through growing accustomed to the stench, the foul air seems normal to them; And it’s repeated inhalations, producing ostensibly little disturbances, are hailed as natural. In this awful condition, only an outsider whose lungs are exercised by fresh and delicious oxygen can step into the room and, through sniffing with virgin nose, immediately assess the nauseating extent of this ghastly funk. Only his reaction of utter revulsion can clue the inhabitants into the scope of this gaseous mire in which they wallow.

But the wretched occupants in their ignorance interpret his actions as an insult to their noisome lair and thereby become irritable and antagonistic toward him and his plans of exacting change. For they are content flatulating, expelling gas and getting high from inhaling each other’s anal wind in a closed space. In this depravity and abject imbecility, they form strong opinions and cling to stubborn positions about what constitutes salubrious air! Pontificating about it with religious fervor and obstinacy. They do not realize no person in that room of stink is in a position to form ANY opinions about fresh air unless…

1) They open the window and allow Nature’s fresh air to ventilate the place, or
2) They leave the room, detoxify their lungs from the effluvium, and with an immaculate nasal perspective go back into the room and get a good wiff of that disgusting rectal perfume pervading the space that seemed so normal and desirable.

Only from this renewed outlook derived from either option should the people allow themselves to form opinions of “clean air” and “natural gas”. Before then, they must remain silent and listen to this newcomer entering the room and take steps to purify their body from the malodorous air afore thinking they are in any position to clearly assess matters.

*This entire illustration captures the spiritual condition of humanity on earth today, our distorted attitude toward all matters of human existence, and our petulant reaction and treatment of every Truth Bringer and knowing one who seeks to help enlighten us, through the Fresh Wind of Truth, on the beastiality of our actual spiritual condition… and thereby how to improve through the humility inherent in that recognition. A laurel wreath to those seeking to listen and are determined to make genuine changes at all costs. But for those who refuse, genuine help by this Outsider must also encompass the demolition of the room so that man can either collapse with the rubble or be chased outside where he will be compelled to inhale the fresh and revitalizing breeze of Nature. Euphoric in this invigorating newness of fresh air that restores to health and perpetually strengthens, he will then simultaneously give jubilant thanks while feeling ashamed of his erstwhile recalcitrance toward real help and his hitherto disgraceful conduct.*

We stand in times of this fulfillment on earth today. Hence we must either change willingly or be compelled to change. No other options exist.

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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