Beyond contemporary movements

GMO resistance, healthy living, green technology, environmental friendliness, Co2 reduction, global warming activists etc… There are so many movements that ostensibly bear the face of change. These have merit and are beneficial in some regards. However, many crusaders of these movements are confusing the means with the end. Although it might not seem so, we are using these campaigns to transpose and replace the essential need of spiritual development. In the position that to subscribe passionately to any movement that promotes outward healthy living is to simultaneously embark on the path of inner transformation and spiritual change. That is not necessarily so.

Again, all these efforts are nice and wonderful, even needed. But they are only a means, a gateway, not the endgoal. They are only the piano. All we are doing is cleaning the piano, tightening the strings, polishing the boards etc… in the illusion that doing all this will automatically confer upon us the skills of playing the instrument. As important as all these things are (and they are very crucial!) the point is not just an external adjustment, but an inner spiritual change. Outward activism can never replace this essential inner need, but that is what seems to be occurring today under the guise of the hackneyed words ‘change’ and ‘progress’. Inner and outward change should be concurrent and simultaneous, but the inner transformation is far more crucial and essential today. For all the outward changes in weather and environment is nothing compared to the changes being unleashed inwardly today. There is a “spiritual global warming” happening.

True inner development will automatically manifest outwardly and change the external environment through the associated transformation. However, outward change does NOT automatically change the inner man. Hence many outward changes could occur while the spirit is still stagnant. Forsooth, in view of external changes the inner conceit might even grow making him think he is more advanced. So I applaud all these efforts at external change much needed. But concurrent with this, we must keep in view the most critical needed change today:

…the need for inner spiritual transformation.

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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