Warfare with Nature

It is arrogant and unbecoming of humans and nations to base their wealth on the abundance of natural resources found in the land. For men did not participate in the creation of those resources, did not contribute any power through which they came into being. He merely settles on the land, discovers IT’S wealth and thereby declares HIMSELF prosperous.

No, men. Such bounty belongs and is produced by the elements of Nature, whose bosom we ungratefully ransack with unbridled lust as if it is our birthright. We take without gratitude, we plunder without consideration, we destroy and pollute without shame. No balance is struck. We use resources fashioned by Nature in purity, create bombs then use those to destroy Nature. Do you see this? Like children using items in the home to form a weapon to assault their mother who raised them and even created the items furnishing the home! 

Destroying Nature has become our pastime. Shedding blood over HER wealth, the norm. Exploiting what belongs to her without the tender gratitude of the right attitude, commonplace. We see her as the slave who must constantly replenish to serve us as lord and do our bidding.

If now the elemental children of mother earth rises up against us in just defense of their mother…we should not complain! If they slowly withdraw their resources and hide their bounties…it is justice! If they collapse our infrastructure, flood our cities, swallow our dwellings, singe our farmlands, empty our water wells, and destroy our man made inventions to show us the pain they have lived with daily for thousands of years…we dare not blame or voice ghastly maledictions, but should inwardly sympathize, see our collective guilt and make honest changes that harmonize with their mother, with Nature.

For all our so-called advancements in the spiritual and social arena we are worse off and more morally bankrupt today. For the ancients, despite their so-called “primitive” ways and differences in beliefs, ranked higher than us and at least acknowledged Nature by holding festivals and gave offerings to demonstrate their gratitude and sincerity for Nature’s activities that sustain them. Pledging to do and build only those things that harmonize and bring peace to Her. Such childlikeness, regardless of how primitive from our degenerative perspective, is perhaps seen from Above as higher than the vainglorious self-absorption of we men today who duplicitously “pray” to God in one breath, only to wreak havoc and plunder Nature under another. And then with no real gratitude, only a constant demanding and destructive taking. Our holidays and festivals have even become just seasons of consumption and not genuine thankfulness.

We have a lot to make right. A lot to change. The greatest of these necessary corrections starts in the human spirit. Individually.

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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