Peace on earth

Peace on earth implies order on earth. Order on earth implies harmony on earth. However, harmony and order implies compliance, obedience, and adjustment to the conceptual guidance of a uniform Will on earth. However, the Will cannot exist without the King which the Will is an expression of. So the presence of the Will implies the presence of the King, and obedience to the Will implies obedience to the King.

So if peace is the harmony and order that arises from compliance, it follows man must relinquish his rigid opinions and stubborn positions in order to be joyfully guided into swinging with the Will. For to have order, as the word implies, there must be a willingness to be assigned and accept the assignment of a Sovereign Will, not raise oneself to the position of determining the assignment. For that which is ‘put in order’ must logically be ordered and positioned into a sequence not determined by itself. So for him to have order and peace, he must accept he is not in charge but he is the one being charged, and his opinions are not factored into the formation of objective reality that reflects the Will that reflects the King.

So peace and order for him is adjusting to the Will higher than his own. Implying using his small will to attune and comply with the Big Will is the actual purpose of his free will. Hence all his suffering is the consequence of his stubbornness to comply, which alone robs him of peace. So the peace he seeks without the desire to comply with this Will of the King is really just rebellion disguised as “independence” that, in its core, can only harvest the poison fruit of perpetual strife and confusion. As is evidenced abundantly by conditions today.

So to have peace, there must be order. To have order, there must be harmony. To have harmony, there must be obedience, compliance and adjustment to the Will whose uniform and unchangeable guidance guarantees order and peace. However, the Will expresses the King who brings about this order in His Will. So to seek peace is to seek adjustment to the King. And to consciously adjust to the King one must first recognize Him.

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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