Speaking in tongues

The babbling and emission of a confusing frenzy of words practiced today, that supposed to be a ‘heavenly language’, is really nothing but misunderstanding, error, and an irritable distortion of sound waves that amounts to nothing more than aerial effluvium. There is no heavenly language being spoken, all you are witnessing is the forced expression of a religious habit that has no connection with objective reality. Any serious minded individual must wrestle with this conclusion when his intuition pierces him uncomfortably during these antics.

Any revelation given from heaven must manifest in language that is intelligible to the masses. The purpose of insight is clarity and understanding. Of what use then is revelation when the person just babbles? Who can grasp it? Who can apply the content? No one! Why would God ever grant insight that cannot be given to all as a help? The person supposedly “speaking in tongues” just wishes to feel afflated, lofty, special and uniquely endowed. Relishing in a unique connection with the heavens no one but them can enjoy. It is really nothing but vanity when you think of it. If I spoke to you in Latin, who would understand it? No one! So what is the purpose of this “inspiration” when no one can then understand it?

Jesus spoke in clear words. All the prophets spoke in clear words. Everyone with high knowledge spoke in clear words. The mark of maturity is the capacity to translate inspirations into clear words, not babbling. Where did the confusion enter though? When we say “speak in tongues”, it really originates from the fact that during the day of Pentecost, there was ‘seen’ cloven tongues of flames that appeared over the heads of the gathered Disciples. These tongues of flames are a spiritual manifestation, not a physical one. Among other things, this “tongue of flame” gave the disciples access to higher inspirations, higher power, and higher knowledge. Hence they were speaking with the “tongue” of higher knowledge and a deeper spiritual connection. But in an actual earth language! The “speaking in tongues” is really an expression that embraces their speaking with the tongue of higher inspiration, knowledge and insight through the connection of this “tongue of flame”. Like many passages in the Bible, the words are pictorial and metaphoric.

When it notes people subsequently “speaking in tongues” in other parts of the bible, all this refers to is the conveying of a deeper insight and new understanding. Speaking with a new tongue of wisdom and knowledge in an actual earthly language intelligible to people! Not fabricated babbling. Even now one could say I am “speaking with other tongues” by conveying knowledge and insights that might be new to you. That is the broad inference of this word “speaking in tongues”. But what you see today is just confusion and chaos. Endless rambling of rubbish no one can follow. The person “filled with the spirit” is supposedly so overcome by power they start chattering distorted words and phrases. Unfortunately this is error that exists only the imagination of the said person. Just religious habit that has become customary behavior.

So in the higher sense, the tongues refers to the “cloven tongues of flames” that grants access to higher power and knowledge, which came upon the disciples during Pentecost. In the broad sense, it refers to new and deeper knowledge of new intuitions. But everything in an understandable language. Who among men today can declare access to this “tongue of flame”? Who among men today even understands what it is, where it comes from, how it manifests, who grants it, its function and its purpose? Yet without this knowledge, we indolently propagate empty customs and rituals without thinking objectively. Everything correct is natural. Jesus, the Son of GOD Himself only spoke in clear language. Yet somehow men think their babbling is a hallmark of spiritual connection?

It is high-time we calmed down and started questioning matters objectively. Whenever we cannot reconcile our intuition with something, we need to take a step back and ask questions, not blindly follow. But the only medium of communication is through language on earth. So any intuition has to express itself through that in order for another to grasp. That is why it is impossible to understand babies, because all they do is babble. Grown adults are expected to speak clearly and not like babies. In the case of babies it is understandable because they are still learning to talk. But in the case of adults it is reprehensible because they are willfully retrogressing by learning to babble.

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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