Reflections on the bible

I was flipping through the pages of the bible when a sudden impression came over me. I must preface this by stating that anyone reared in a home or community founded on christian principles will naturally have a high respect for the concepts of the bible. It is natural. However, scanning through the words and passages, a realization imprinted upon me that, as written, the truths in the bible (especially the first five books) are inaccessible and incomprehensible to modern man. The human spirit perceives there are great truths conveyed, but the human spirit using the brain cannot reconcile the stories to the happenings in real life. The pictorial, metaphoric and illustrative nature of it is a type of “safebox” that requires a special code to unlock.

If truth obliges us to speak, there is almost no one today who can go through each chapter, each verse, each sentence and make sense of it in a way that also accords with the happenings in real life. He perceives there is some type of truth about the Creation story of 7days, but he knows taking it literal is illogical because it contradicts every pulse of the natural sciences. So there is conflict, yet he knows there is some truth there. He reads about two naked people in a garden who eat a fruit. He perceives there is truth, but the story taken at face value is illogical. So there is conflict, yet he knows there is some truth. He reads about Noah and gathering animals. He perceives there is truth, but the story taken at face value makes no sense. For did he travel to every continent? Gather every animal? He perceives there is some type of truth, but a literal interpretation feels impractical, improbable and impossible. So it goes on and on…

The perception of deeper truths existing that is inaccessible has an exhausting effect on the human spirit. It wearies man and feels like a software that only a specially sent Envoy of God from the Highest Heavens can explain in a language and reveal in a way suited to the present-day. Man today can pretend to understand, but he does not. No matter whether he calls himself a prophet, pastor, priest, bishop etc… he is clueless. He can pretend to have faith, trust, and deeper understanding, but his exertions are merely the skillful acrobatic activity of suppressing his infinite doubts and endless questions that silently arise within. On account of this fatigue of realizing there is something missing, folks diverge on different paths: many become dogmatic and adhere more rigidly (double down on literal religious interpretation), some slowly lose enthusiasm for everything (agnostic), some become numb and indifferent to everything (spiritually flatlines), some become cynical, scoff and vehemently doubt (atheist), some become a hybrid of other religions and thoughts (conscious community), while others begin searching for real answers and definite Truth (earnest seekers).

As presently written, the man of today cannot unlock the hidden truths that exist in many sections of the bible. The pictorial nature of it seem to reveal happenings expressed in coded language. It is much too foreign for the intellectualized man to unfurl. The human spirit perceives there is more, there is something important conveyed, but perhaps we are not meant to take it at face value and literally. For doing so introduces errors and contradictions that stand in opposition to every pulse of the natural sciences. Yet God Himself created the natural sciences, so everything of God and of science should be in syzygy! Forsooth, science should and must always reflect His Will. There should be harmony there, so any conflict must always be attributed either to 1) our lack of understanding via science; and/or 2) our dogmatic positions via religion and human misconceptions.

So one arrives at the conclusion that the man of today necessitates a revelation of Creation in modern language. In a form that explicitly elaborates in a logical algorithmic sequence the Truths of Life in comprehensive fashion without omission and gaps. There is no denying this urgent necessity, otherwise it will remain impossible for man of today to comprehend and really understand. Understanding gives the human spirit the direction and power for application and transformation. Thus without this understanding… genuine change, real change, on the deepest levels is not possible. For he will always be caught in the undergrowth of distorted concepts.

He who honestly searches his heart in the quiet hours of the night without subterfuge will easily resonate. He will find similar sentiments and yearnings bombinating about his soul.

It was once promised only the man who earnestly seeks will find. Otherwise he will forever remain a wanderer on the infinite desert of incomprehensibilities.

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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