Is there such a thing as chance, randomness, and accidents? What lies behind it?

I am speaking here not as a cognoscenti, but as a practitioner. As someone actively engaged in the effort. I will admit this will require a significant amount of contemplation to really follow, as well as open-mindedness to approach. Flexibility being key here. But I was wondering into the nature of events and circumstances we see as random. Is there such a thing? Is life just chance and accidents? Or are there other factors we are not considering, do not know and subsequently do not see? I am currently trying to get to the “root” in my experiences to consciously see. I will just present some scenarios:

A man finds himself in a grocery store behind a loud and obnoxious lady who has her cart filled to the brim, while he has only one piece of candy. Yet she refuses to let him ahead of her. Is this all random? Step outside the physical brain for a moment and open the consciousness. As he was driving home, it might have “occurred” to him to stop by and pickup something. So he stopped and shopped…only to end up behind Madam grouch. Where did this “occurrence” come from? Clearly he was not thinking about it, but the thought “came” from somewhere…where? Who imprinted this in his brain? Him? Or something he is not aware? Once imprinted, he felt “the urge” to stop. He finds a reason that satisfies the brain. Outwardly it looks like the item he is purchasing is the reason, but inwardly it could be that experience. Could it be unseen forces magnetically orchestrating people to arrive at an exact location at the time they need to? To experience something upon themselves that they must? And the “occurrence” was the “unseen forces” magnetically guiding him through the thoughts he once generated (ex: irritation, rudeness, anger), to that specific location where those thoughts have an opportunity for external gratification through an experience with people of a like-nature?

A person usually does Starbucks drive thru, but it is unusually congested this morning. So they stop and enter Starbucks. Just there, they see someone they were just thinking about and with whom they have not spoken in months…how did this happen? All those people who are not usually there, where did they come from? What drove them there? If they are not usually there, how did it “occur” to them all to pack themselves in the drive thru at the exact time to unknowingly hinder the persons efforts in question, thus compelling him to enter the store to meet that person he was thinking about? His intense invisible thoughts over a lengthy period being used a basis to orchestrate an external happening that magnetically pulls him there to a location in order to experience the substance of what he generated and inwardly nurtured as a desire and wish.

A person wants to stop at Walmart en route from work, but lose interest and head home instead. Stop and think, what does “losing interest” mean? Randomness? Or a subconscious inner magnetic perception that an environment might not hold a necessary experience for the person concerned at that moment? They feel bored of their music and flip on the radio. Choosing AM not FM. Random thoughts? Or is something at play? Just then, they discover a conversation occurring about a topic they had been seeking the solution for several weeks. At that exact time, they were drawn to that situation and place to experience the substance of thoughts they themselves hitherto generated and focused on intensely.

So is randomness just randomness, accidents just accidents and chance just chance, or is there a bigger picture we are not seeing or understanding about the invisible world? When we think thoughts, say words, and generate intuitions…where do those things go? Energy cannot be created or destroyed only transformed. So what are they transformed to? Could those words, thoughts and intuitions be used as magnetic “impressions” to guide us into those exact situations that reflect the nature of what we once generated in the secret chambers of our minds?

There is so much more to life we are not seeing. We view each situation, circumstance and experience as acting independently with no meaning or connection to wider forces that might use the contents of our inner lives to externally create it for us to experience. Those people we meet, speak to, interact, cross paths with, date etc… is it just random? Or again, does the content of our inner lives draw people to environments and circumstances that enable them to experience something they themselves internally formed by means of desires, intuitions, thoughts and words?

Each person has to reflect and come to their own conclusions. But there has to be more to life that we are not seeing. Things today seem chaotic, crazy and random. As a result, we experience nothing but fear, anxiety and doubt because there is no seeming sense of order. But is this true? Are things just chaotic and random? Or is there a Universal system and process we are unaware of that all life is subject to? That uses what we generate inwardly to form external happenings and encounters? Yet on account of our unfamiliarity with how this system works, we misuse it and feel constantly flummoxed. Is life a game of chance? Or is there more we are not seeing? I am just opening up paths of consideration and exploration, for each has to reflect for themselves using their own power of independent judgment. These are thoughts and impressions that arose in the process of my explorations into the deeper network of life.

Considered further…the concept of randomness is really an intellectual ploy fashioned to avoid taking complete responsibility, in order to bask in the glow of victimhood. Why? It whitewashes us from the scarlet letter of guilt and places all chaos and misery at the doorstep of the Creator. Deep down inside, we do not wish to discover sequence, logic, consistency and algorithmic exactitude, because the implications is having no one to blame and thus being accountable for all hardships and joys that befall us. Also, what undergirds this antipodes between our notions and reality is the lack of clarity surrounding the specific process of the operation. Without this, the space for blind faith and ambiguous theories to propagate is created. Hence there is no bigger necessity for the human spirit today, absolutely none, than obtaining clarity and a detailed explanation of God’s Activity…with no gaps. Without this, we will slowly lose all support and atrophy into the abyss of afflicting doubt, misery, frustration and gnashing teeth.

Today, “blind faith” no longer suffices. Today, incomplete religious thought no longer suffices. Today, conflicting suppositions devoid an overarching view of the Laws of Life no longer suffices. Today, only Luminous Truth from beginning to end can help. But this requires the willingness to abdicate any notions held in order to start from the beginning in humility. But it is just here that everything collapses, because such an exercise means admitting error. Man today is unwilling to do this, and values his machinations more highly than a different explanation. For this reason, it is necessary for us to experience the very end of our concepts, and enter every consequence of our positions. Only through tasting this fruit is man confronted by two options: change your position and open up to reality, or continue rigidly clinging and inevitably fade away.

Today, there are just too many unresolved questions in man to be content with existing concepts. He either must exert superhuman efforts to silence them (double down), slowly lose enthusiasm for all dogma (realization of impotence), become numb and indifferent to everything (spiritually flatlines), or begin searching for real answers (seeking). In the face of doubts from within, it requires an exceptional indolence to double down, become numb, and just lose enthusiasm without transposing it with the effort of seeking. No doubt, the comforts of materialism plays an incisive role. But there can be no real peace, progress and change on earth without complete Truth bereft of gaps. Everything else is just cosmetic, an ephemera placeholder. Man needs comprehensive and extensive revelations for clarity about the Universal Laws of Life in order to attain real peace and happiness.

~Ikenna Q Ezealah


About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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