How do I know the soul exists? Where is the proof?

I am not trying to prove anything to anyone, for the doubting Thomas will always engineer reasons to satisfy his indolence and disbelief. In this lethargy, there is a demand placed on someone else to do the work that he himself is meant to perform through the assiduity of his own inner life. It is not for those I share. I only speak on this matter to share to the earnest few the algorithmic logic that might help elucidate many matters, and especially the one above. For without logic, clarity becomes impossible. Let us proceed then.

During the conception of an egg and sperm, all that is created is the physical body of a human, but not the human soul itself. Science is the study and classification of physical matter and how the outer world operates, thus all that can be perceived by the earthly brain and senses is the limit of science today. Hence science can only logically follow and reason up to the boundaryline of the sperm and egg conception, i.e., the human body, but can never by its nature enter the realm of spirit and survey the realities there. Each species is bound to its own consistency and can never survey beyond it. As man is of spirit, human spirit, that stands above and outside the range of the physical brain, it stands to reason the earthly brain and science can never be in a position to understand its origin and creation. Science can never definitely assert when the human spirit itself was created, it can only identify when the body it wears on earth was.

While science cannot rise above physical matter, it does help us to recognize sacrosanct patterns and basic principles that can be carefully extrapolated as rules to other forms of life. For example, the law of physics guarantees every action produces a reaction, for every effect there must be a cause, and for every fruit there must be a seed and thus an instrument that produces and releases the seed. When we look at an apple, we automatically reason there must have lawfully been a seed that produced it. Continuing, we then reason there must have been a tree or lifeform that first gave rise to the seed from which the fruit could develop. Hence with the fruit we always have the instrument for the release of the seed…correct? The same for our sun, planets etc. We know this because nothing can exist in a vacuum nor can life arise from nothingness. Where there is life, other life must have brought it about. We see a human body and we know there must have been sperm, and from the sperm we know there must have been the sexual organs that produced and released the sperm into the egg.

A million examples could be furnished, but the picture holds. Now we can advance to the point I wish to make. Can anyone physically touch thoughts? How about hope? How about “determination” and “willpower”? How about “intuitions”, “vibes” or “gut feeling”? How about “grudge” or “guilt”? No one can physically touch them with our earthly hands, yet they exist because we experience it as a definite form of energy-pressure that pervades us inwardly. Correct? Intuitions, hope and inner-will precede the activity of the brain, so we cannot ascribe this to the brain. All we can measure through science physically are their subsequent effects on the brain and chemicals in the body. The body merely processes, not create. If they precede the activity of the brain, then where does this come from if nothing exists outside the earth? Before jumping to irrational conclusions, we must use the logic above about cause and effect, action and reaction, fruit and seed. For there to be intuitions, inner will, thoughts etc, which we can classify as “fruits”, “effects” and “reactions”, there must logically be an equivalent seed-releasing instrument that gives rise to this at the same level of consistency. There must. Thus for our inner life to experience this energy, there must be a corresponding spiritual organ and instrument that releases it. The larynx, vocal cords, oxygen and neck must all be present for “speech” in the form of earthly words to be possible. Thus for spiritual activity such as “will”, “volition” and “intuitions” to be possible, there must be a corresponding spiritual organ using spiritual energy (analogous to oxygen) within a definite spiritual body that releases it as seed to develop into fruit that the body subsequently experiences as a definite energy pressure through the brain, nerves and chemicals. Logic guarantees this infallible operation.

Against this logic, the obdurate one might rebelliously and illogically opine: “In my opinion, the will and intuition issues from the brain, not any ‘soul’. So your argument as to the existence of any ‘soul’ outside the body is therefore null and void”. I am grateful such a person rushed to this assertion, for in so doing they actually cornered themselves and proved the above point! Why? Consider: every machine built the same way will, besides malfunction, have the same output. Two computers, two cars, two stereos etc will have the same output and perform the same way. Since man’s brains are mostly built the same way (besides malfunction and incremental variation), it also logically means that the behavior arising from this brain would also be uniform! Hence if we erroneously believe that the “will” and “intuition” issue from the physical brain, we must also believe that the will and intuition, as well the behavior arising from this uniform brain must also be the same across all people.

However, the fact that there is a great variation among humans despite the same basic brains, logically means that something else must account for the variation of the volition that causes a variation of behavior. We can call that “something else”, for the sake of simplicity, the human soul. Hence it is human soul within the human body that causes the variation of will and behavior, despite the same basic faculty of the brain; the same way two machines (i.e. two cars), despite the same capacities, will perform and drive differently owing to the different qualities of the personalities driving it from the inside. Ergo there cannot be variation of behavior with mostly uniform brains if we believe nothing exists outside the body. The very idea is a contradiction of basic reasoning and proves such a person has not exerted sufficient effort into clarifying the flaws in his faulty supposition.

Hence it is the human spirit within the body that calls forth the “desire”,”will”, and “intuition” that affects the body and brain of the human anatomy. The subsequent effects which we experience and see as thought, action, and behavior.


I will stop there. But the reader can get a glimpse into the manner of reasoning that enables a healthy discussion to occur. Faith and belief must be grounded on logic, or it becomes wishful thinking. I really hope this helps shed light on this matter. It is not my desire to prove anything, but rather it is my endeavor to illuminate new channels of earnest seeking upon which the reader can exert the energy to form insights and clarity for himself about these themes.

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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