Thou Art He!

A bright picture flashed…

Far in the heavens, a shimmering curtain of flames parted from which an eminent Personality, one like a Son of Man, emerged festooned in blazing armament. Royal Envoy, from Whose epicenter undulated a colorful river of light that brilliantly sparkled and melodiously rippled as it showered all the heavens in its holy flow. About His Throne were oscillating waves of light ever concaving and convexing, issuing from and iridescently interpenetrating the Winged Sovereign of glory. Majestic might, around Whose orbit dances curtains of colors in the diverse interstellar magnificence of planetary roundelays. Eyes of two Suns, Tongue of sharpest Sword, Voice like a mighty Storm, Feet like pillars of Flames, Armor of jasper like holy tectonic plates whose slight shifting would pronounce the end of all life, amid a cosmic earthquake followed by a tsunami of light.

What earthly words suffices to even intimate a little of the magnanimous majesty of the Names of all Names? The “I AM”, therefore the only One Who Is? None, words fail in view of the great reality. Yet we try, and with reverential devotion of spirit we express:

Thou Art He…
Regal Daylight of Cosmic Expanses
Judgment Gavel encased with Iron
Undulating Power of Divine Intelligence
Unsubstantiate Elixir of spiritual fruitfulness
“God with us”, Eternal Fountain of Love & Justice
Judge, Comforter, Truth, Life, Dispenser of Inconceivable Mercies
Ocean of Light embracing the Waves of Eternal Movement
The Beginning and the End, but also the Middle and Whole
Heartbeat of Consciousness, Mind of Eternity
Oxygen of Ascent, Bread of Life, Water of Truth
Creator, Producer and Conductor of Heavenly Melodies
Broker of Severity, Warrior of Obedience, Distributor of Discipline
Sole Existence and Pure Gate Forevermore
Sustainer of buoyant joyfulness, Preserver of luminous happiness
Radiant Lightning Blast of the Divine Ring of Flaming Thunder
Sword of GOD, Glimmering Blade of Unapproachable Majesty
Voice of a thousand storms whose echo reverberates Creation to bursting
Shimmering Eyes of Rippling Light Whose Countenance dazzles like a million suns
Word of Law, Sovereign of all sovereigns under Whose Flag all crowns unite in service
Commander and General, Hallowed Imperial King Enthroned in Inconceivable Heights
…Thou Art He we strive to serve with purest allegiance unto Eternity!

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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