Karma…a law of vengeance?

Expressed in maledictions, innumerable are those who attribute pettiness, ruthlessness, tyranny and a whole host of other human depravities to the goal of karma. Those who speak this way are the wretched ones who think themselves sensible; who confuse their unmitigated rage, rash anger, malicious intent, yearning for unbounded suffering, and quest for vengeance with the true motive of karma. The interminable agony and destruction of their neighbor, upon whom they impute the genesis of their personal misfortune, forms both the crescendo and undercurrent of all wishes when they vapidly pontificate about karma. Punishment and pain alone with no desire for progress is the honey for which their tongues salivate. How far then is the undertone of this enmity from uniting with the true concept and motive within the inviolable operation of Divine Justice expressed through karma!

The aim of every manifestation governed by unerring Justice is always to encourage the progress, ennoblement, change and rehabilitation of the said person. Regardless of the inestimable severity through which this motive is expressed via the experiences and circumstances, it remains unchanged. The Law of Karma is therefore a law of learning, a law of clarity, a law of mercy and law of compassion. It is the highest learning because it helps teach the human spirit about itself and the effect of the tendencies that lie within it. In sorrow and joy. It is the law of clarity because it is through its ineluctable activity that we gain a greater understanding of what decisions to change and what decisions to purify, intensify and continue making. It is the law of mercy because through the manifestations, we are always guaranteed a faithful teacher as well as the opportunity to release ourselves from wrong decisions if we venture to pursue the path of inner purification. In this alone we see Divine Forgiveness. And it is the law of compassion because we are given the chance, through personal experiences, to enter into the vibration, effects, emotions, intuitions and psychic sensations our decisions once inflicted upon our fellowmen. Through such unswerving operations, in bliss or lamentations, the imprint within the heart of our neighbor is shown to us to experience.

Throughout all this, Justice within karma is compelling, motivating, and encouraging a true change within the human spirit. Externally it might sometimes appear as unimaginable harshness, but the intention is unchangeable. The justice is unfailing, stern and mathematically precise…harvest for the seeds once sowed; while driven by the purest motives of compelling progress. In our dastardly deviance and abominable pettiness, we men are far removed from the magnanimity of this glorious Justice. It is unthinkable and beyond our capacity because we truly do not wish our fellowmen to progress whenever we speak about karma. No matter the situation, true Justice harbors only the highest possibility of purification within it. The external severity always coinciding with the internal tenacity of adherence to a rigid concept. But in this we see the Justice of God is one with His Love. Not love in the human indulgent, sentimental, and arbitrary sense. No. But in the perfect, impartial, consistent, and unchangeable sense.

So unless a man wishes for more than the suffering of his fellowman, he really should keep quiet. For he proves through his words that he himself still requires a hefty dose of severity in order to purify. Vengeance, balance and reciprocity is only the outermost manifestation of True Justice. It is only the means towards the real end of progress, change and growth. It is not the end in itself. So it is that much more shameful when we men take the means and declare it the end, while completely ignoring the actual end itself. And in select cases, willfully hoping the said person is barricaded from progress. The call for a spiritual grim reaper of death masquerading as a petition for karma. The earthly justice systems are even riddled with this chaos. Our desire for justice, individually and collectively, must accord with true Justice if we wish to stand right and not burden ourselves further with our unrestrained anger and unprecedented hate disguised as a thirst for karma.

Even when the situation is dire, all intuitions, thoughts and deeds must be driven by the motive of what could help the said person advance inwardly. Even if the forms of this might take on an iron hardness or cotton softness in effect, everything should be driven by what can further the particular person and thus help them take a step forward in their spiritual development. Divine Justice always unerringly expresses this through karma, so it is high time we men follow suit.

~Ikenna Q Ezealah


About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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