Garnished lechery masquerading as love

We humans have become experts in hiding our real volition behind the magic curtain of flattering nomenclatures. If you lift the curtain, you will find the intention is equally as vile as the publicly accursed transgressor ridiculed by the populace. Only our fancy words make us feel morally superior. When you profess “love” and “affection”, the user relinquishes all self-assessment and feels justified in the pursuit of any action.

For example: we often see two people engaged in an adulterous affair in shows. It is painted as “soul mates and intimate lovers” whose irresistible attraction binds them together. Lost lovers who finally found each other and should have even been married had they met years earlier! The insidious cunning is to impute “pure love” and “chaste affection” as the basis of their action, thereby deceptively hiding and decorating the calculated lust in question with bright colors, which then logically whitewashes any notion of adultery and infidelity. Or at least mitigates it under the banner of justification since they are “soul mates” who finally found each other. By doing this, they validate their actions by saying “if love is the basis of marriage, and these two strangers had an affair with ‘love’ as the basis, it is not evil but the consequence of an inevitable attraction.” Using the word “love” and injecting it with distorted concepts of unbridled lechery really hides the real volition in question. Or at least gives it a respectable garment. That is what you call intellectual hocus pocus. Our words comfort us into a delusional dreamland where any action is justified, so long as the right word is used to interpret our actions in the best possible light. What these shows also subconsciously communicate, via the concepts, is “the highest realization of your passions and desires lies in the indulgence of the forbidden.”

Go behind the magic curtain and decorative terminology. You will quickly see the emperor in question, i.e. the propagated pestilential concepts, is not even a disrobed man anymore, but a deformed gargoyle banished to hell. At least let us be honest. From this honesty, we then establish a realistic starting-point from where we can commence the long journey back to the longed-for Shangri-La.

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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