The Question Mark

I was thinking about the question mark and wondering why it was expressed in this particular symbol (?). During my reflections, the following thoughts came to mind.

A closed circuit system reflected in a circle in nature indicates a completion of a happening. Whether elliptical or circular, anything that again reaches the starting point is complete. The day is marked by two revolutions of the clock, as it is marked by the revolution of the earth around its own axis. A year is marked by the revolution of the earth around the Sun. It goes on and on.

In a question mark there is a semicircle that indicates the presence of only one part of an inquiry. Half of reality. The other part hangs like a tail indicating the circle is incomplete. The tail indicates a bridge that deviates from the incompletion in order to reach for the solution. The disconnected period is a microscopic circle that by itself indicates a type of completion. Hence a solution the main body of the semicircle and tail seeks connection with.

The idea of this picture is that the sought after answer is not in our possession, is slightly distant, reflected in the separation of this microscopic circle of tiny completion that alone can connect with and bring to a completion our inquiry. Once we find the answer, metaphorically speaking, the period connects with the tail and it retraces the semicircle into a full circle in the completion of the knowledge. Think about it, that is how a question mark is replaced by a period after a statement of an answer. The period reflects a circle that knowledge has been found and thus the uncertainty of the semicircle with a dangling tail has become a full circle of completion. So a question with an incomplete answer becomes a statement of presentation concluded by a small circle. Thus the inquiry has completed a revolution around an axis.

In addition, a friend once made an interesting observation relevant to the point here. He mentioned that, deep down inside, the human spirit realizes the answers to all earnest questions flow from above downwards. That is why, even when confronted by a question in which he seeks the answer, the person often subconsciously places his hand under his chin and raises his head skyward like an antenna. As if searching for the inspiration of an answer he knows can only flow from above!

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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