Right now, Every second

Every second on this earth, the entire spectrum of human experiences from heaven to hell is releasing itself. Think about it. Meaning every second of every minute, someone on this earth is experiencing outwardly and inwardly the torments of hell, as another is experiencing the bliss and joy of heaven, with others experiencing everything in-between; all occurring simultaneously on the same earth each second. Right now. In other words, on this earth, every single second, the different variations of human experiences are occurring somewhere, by someone, upon someone.

Every second on this earth there is joy, laughter, rapture, delight; but there is also weeping, agony, torture, murder. Right now, this very second. There is peace and tranquility, but there is bloodshed and war. Right now, as we speak. Someone is being born in a painful and difficult delivery. Someone is dying peacefully amid outpourings of gratitude. The former and latter scenario’s vice versa. Someone is being healed, someone is being diagnosed with cancer. Right now. Someone is being tormented in slavery, raped and impaled with weapons as we speak; exsanguinating. Yet someone is being liberated, falling in love, experiencing sexual intimacy, inwardly awakening, praying, shedding tears of joy, dancing in happiness, enjoying family, on vacation. Someone is being happily married while others are arguing and spewing venom in divorce. A couple is celebrating their first child, another is lamenting the death of their child. Right now, simultaneously. This very second. Everything is happening.

Right now someone is losing hope, committing suicide. Right now, someone is gaining hope and courage; changing their life. Right now. Someone is being kidnapped. Someone is being found. Right now. Someone is entering heaven, someone is experiencing hell. Right now. Everything is happening this very moment. This second. Somewhere, by someone, upon someone. Heaven, hell and everything in between.

The full spectrum of human experiences is perpetually releasing itself and occurring every single second of every single day on this planet earth. So there is already heaven on earth. We just need to grow into that experiencing. The question becomes: what energy do we wish to engage? In what direction do we wish to devote strength and set course? These questions confront us, confront everyone, each moment, each second, each minute, each hour. Right now!

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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