Vocation of womanhood: “Home and Hearth”

The word “home” must automatically trigger an uproar and stark remonstrations from most people, as well as feminists, who view this word in a restrictive and limited sense. Their great error, however, lies in their conception of the word “home”. They make synonymous a physical place of residence with the palatial concept of “home”, and thus a disquietude awakens with the pronouncement of this potentially being a vocation of woman. In order to see clearly, we must step back and open the vast gates of the intuition for a new and broader concept. Such is what I wish to do. To share my experiences and perspectives associated with this word.

Home is not synonymous with a fixed location. A house, apartment, flat etc, is not necessarily a home. Home is something completely independent. They can intersect like a vesica piscis, but they are not automatically one. “Home” is the spiritual warmth of heavenly virtue. “Hearth” is the core, the fire, the living virtue itself. Fire brings forth light and warmth. Similarly, the purity of the virtue that comprises the human spirit itself striving in adoration to God, brings forth spiritual warmth that pervades an environment. In the warmth of this spiritual vitality is where “home” is. Home in the sense of the language of eternity that creates an environment of heavenly peace.

Thus a woman can make anywhere homey, and it need not exclusively be a place of residence. It could be at work, house, office, diner, shop etc. So long as it is pervaded and guided by the increasing purification of heavenly virtue..it is home! It is home because it speaks the language of our eternal origin and inspires ennoblement through the warmth of its gentility. It consumes the individual and raises his gaze towards the heavens, towards God. Thus anywhere the individual is so consumed by the hearth of purifying virtue that inspires him upwards and encourages the unfolding of his spiritual powers to the highest possible degree, there he has found home. Of course, should this coincide with a physical place of residence, then it is all the greater.

In the course of my life, I have been blessed to have experiences confirming this. In a retreat, I was meeting the acquaintance of many people, shaking hands, and having riveting conversations. Though the gathering was teeming with respectable people, no acquaintance had yet prompted the tides of the inner intuition to rise above its rhapsodic levels. However, as the afternoon aged, I was introduced to a lady of mature years. Instantly, everything changed. For as soon as my eyes met hers and I perceived the chastity and glow of her inner being, my first instinct was frozen wonder. The fire from within her was so bright, so clear, so dazzling that it seemed like an ocean of light that at once linked me closer to the Love of God like a golden bridge of sparkling purity.

In that moment, I felt a wave of heavenly light and peace descend upon and flood my entire being. Her modesty and goodness was a shield that chased away all lower thoughts and inspired the greatest and highest intuitions within me. It intensified the inner unfolding whereby, in the iridescence of her company, I could only inwardly look upward to God in a prayer of gratitude for the Island of Peace manifested in this woman. Her light was like an amplifier that magnified the tones of the Divine Will, making its resonant pitches more audible for a clearer perception and recognition of the Nature of the Godhead; through which I could then discover and find myself. She became both a gate upward and light for self-discovery. Through the mediation of this woman’s presence, I was urged toward purer love, greater kindness, gentility, and reverence. Verily, if her aura could speak it would whisper rapturously: “I am a sea that flows only in the adoration of God alone.” All this happened in a flash of one second upon meeting her for the first time! Through her presence, I was home. I found eternity! Home and hearth fulfilled through and in this woman. Interestingly, she was totally oblivious to all this happening within me. She was unaware of the luminous unfolding her mere presence triggered within me. Nor will she ever truly be able to know.  She only stood as a guardian of flame and undulated warmth. A channel through which, metaphorically speaking, the Hand of God could reach me. Do you see?

Such beatific experiences interspersed throughout the course of my life have confirmed my perception. When a woman truly strives toward beauty and goodness, toward God, everywhere she goes becomes home. The wanderer through her presence is reminded of the bliss of their true heavenly origin, and is encouraged to strive upwards with greater effort. To purify themselves continually in order to grow in the luminosity of adoration, which in the final analysis also ennobles and rarefies all earthly activities. Her warmth becomes a catalyst for the release of the highest power to unfold their abilities and ascend toward God in gratitude. This is “home and hearth”, a vocation of woman. In this light, if a woman starts focusing on who or what she is affecting in order to bask under the recognition, then this becomes vanity irreconcilable with the above vocation. The focus should never be on measuring and gloating, but should only be raised upward in unassumingness. On account of this unassumingness, the effect becomes even greater and more inspiring. For the bystander can then be affected in the private pace of his own intuitions, without the wondering eye of focused measurement.

As all this is from the perspective of a male, I leave room for a greater and more clarified picture. But this, to me, is a sacred vocation of woman: “home and hearth”. Albeit, in a broad all-encompassing sense. It can manifest in different fields of activity, in any location, in almost anything. Therein lies “home and hearth”. For the earth to become a kingdom of heavenly peace that extends over the whole people, this activity is indispensable. True womanhood, the God-Willed womanhood, is needed as a bridge for this fulfilment. The home–the warming light of eternal peace, and the hearth–the fire of heavenly virtue. In the pursuit of her sacred vocation, may she find guidance and fulfillment!

High blessings to you,
Ikenna Q Ezealah

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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