The struggles underlying self-conquest

Self-conquest is not easy because, if we will be honest with ourselves, we derive a certain level of gratification and pleasure from our human weaknesses. Thus, striving for what is good will not necessarily free us from what is bad unless we actually experience within our hearts and become completely convinced of the greater joys inherent in everything that is good. If the belief in the greater joys of goodness remains only theory and abstract concepts within us–unconfirmed by our internal experiences as an actual living reality and truth–or at the most becomes subconsciously forced rigid compliance born out of fear of facing the effects of what is bad, no matter how far we travel the road of what is good and strive for it, we will always be bound to and regress to the weaknesses of what is bad. It will always be alluring to us in some way, the silent appeal which creates the possibility for us to again indulge in it.

We have to become actually convinced through life experiences in complete conviction that what is good contains greater bliss, happiness, and inherent joy. Of our own free volition and without fear. For fear is an energy that does not originate from and is not supported by the Light of God, so any endeavor that makes this energy its basis will only be short-lived as a natural consequence.  If we cannot do this, our progress will only be superficial, but nothing lasting shared by the deepest intuition of the spirit. Our rejection of what is bad should always be because of our conscious experiencing of it depriving us of the greater joys and realities of what is good. Only when this becomes true for us can we become free.

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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