Laziness, Procrastination, Priority

Laziness is the cousin of procrastination. Where you see one, the other is present. What is it though? The root cause of laziness and procrastination is not lack of energy, but rather the lack of interest. Lack of interest causes lack of energy, not vice versa. Anytime someone procrastinates, it means that which they delay is not priority, is not of primary importance to them. That which is not primary indicates what we do not see value in, or very little. What we do not see value in is what we think will not bring us maximum benefit. Hence what we make a priority over other things reflect where our values are placed, where we see importance, and where we think we will derive the most benefit from. Hence the priority of a person will always tell you where his heart is. And where his heart is, you will always know where their volition is. And where the volition is…therein will you find their deepest aspiration seeking fulfillment.

How can we apply this? Simple, take a look at your life and do this experiment. Observe yourself when you ask the momentous question: “For what do I daily make and spend time?” On earth, there are two key barometers that determine where our heart is; 1) Money and 2) Time. Please note time does not only mean physical space, but also thought energy and internal consideration. Trace those two in how you live, do this honestly and without subterfuge in silence, and universes of recognition will open up inwardly!

There are many things we say without considering their inherent meaning. One of which includes the famous “I do not have time”. The latter statement propagates a notion of powerlessness and inability to change. Considered differently, it is only natural processes we are powerless to avert: breathing, eating, sleeping, food intake, waste elimination, and drinking. Besides those natural processes, everything filling our lives is merely the result of decisions made that are always subject to change. What holds our attention and thought space, and what we subsequently direct outward energy to reflects our priority and what we deem important. What we deem important reflects what we hold as most valuable. Subsequently, what we see as valuable reflects what we think provides us the most benefit and what leads closer to the attainment of happiness. Thus what we “do not have time for” is directly equivalent to what we do not see any benefit or value in, and consequently it is not a priority. We humans have mastered the artistry of colorful words to hide our true volition. Kindly note it is not always easy to reorient one’s life given unique circumstances. Yet the genuine desire followed by meaningful action, regardless of how long it takes to manifest, is often the first step that leads to the goal. How determined we are is measured in part in how sustained and devoted our efforts are in a given direction. There are many examples that confirm the above points, so that stating a specific one might dilute the concept, but I will nevertheless provide one.

Imagine a man saying he has no time for “spiritual affairs”, as he is very busy with work. He works 10-hours days and occasional weekends. Then, he gets into a relationship. He makes time for his partner as they both go on countless dates during the courting process. Yet, there is no time? Then, they are engaged and spend hours, weeks and months after work planning their “romantic dreamy” wedding, even losing sleep. Yet, there is no time? Then, they move in, again consuming hours and weeks. Yet, there is no time? Then, they have a child that requires waking up every 2hrs to feed, doctor visits, caring for wife during recovery, cleaning the house, etc. Yet there is no time? Then, a second child comes, and more energy is made to balance everything. Yet, there is no time?

The example underscores that at each point in his life, he always made suitable accommodation for what he deemed important and valuable to him. Regardless of how difficult, he sacrificed much to attain it. From being single to 2 children, a lot of energy and time is consumed, yet he made it work because it was important to him. Therefore, we can safely say it is not so much a “lack of time” for spiritual affairs, but a lack of importance, priority, and value. He does not see a need for and benefit from such an engagement, or at the most he sees very little. And that is the true nature of his volition and inner orientation. All other things being dastardly excuses. At each point, he never allowed his work to interfere with the attainment of his goal, for each time he inconvenienced himself for what proved valuable to him.

Most of us are perpetrators of the same fault in various manifestations when applied to our unique situations. The biggest problem are the words, “I do not have time”. The words themselves permit the speaker indulgence in a delusion that the conditions of his life are fixed, unchangeable and beyond his control. That if someone else orients his life and/or create the opportunity for him, he we would seize the moment, but as things stand he his helpless. It encourages the delusion that we are not in control of our priorities and cannot be blamed for our life conditions and choices. All this is erroneous. However, if we transposed the words “I do not have time” for “it is not important to me”, or “I did not make suitable time”, can you imagine the effect it would have? Once you alter the questioning to place the onus on yourself, you will have to subsequently admit this or that is either of no or of little importance compared to other things, i.e., it is not of high priority and urgency. Such honesty births the natural corollary: “why?” The query enables the questioner to delve into and unearth the concepts he holds, which helps us understand the root of why we see things the way we do. Such clarity simultaneously illumines the path we need to walk to change our concepts when necessary. In other words, it allows us to see how our attitude towards things is reflective of our conception of it, and the words just provide a veneer that hinders us from being honest and seeing the truth of the matter. From this perspective, there are no excuses that create a barrier to inner movement and the attainment of a goal.

Thus there is hardly such a thing as “I do not have time”, there is only “it is not important to me”, “it is not a priority right now”, “I have not invested the necessary effort” or “I did not make enough time”.

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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