Growing through pain

There are innumerable poems and quotes that encourage viewing and thus experiencing the pain in our lives as a means of our inner growth. Such axioms often hold profound truth. However, for deeper clarity that alone permits a practical application, an elucidation of the concept of “pain” is essential. Pain, from the human perspective, is the friction that arises between the internal desires and concepts we hold and the reality that manifests for us to experience. The schism between these two creates the sharp psychic impact of pressure that manifests as pain of the soul. In this light, some element of pain for most humans today is unavoidable because of the misconceptions we nurse that the Universe, via circumstances, has to char to ashes; so that amid the cinders we are reborn into a new reality like a phoenix of high conflagration!

Pain is the precursor to suffering. Why? Pain is the influx of the perception of this friction between reality and where we are. However, suffering is the obduracy, the recalcitrance, the intransigence, the resistance that battles against submitting to the necessity of this rebirth and internal change. Such stubbornness to change intensifies this pain that subsequently graduates it to suffering. But it goes further! In order to justify and feed suffering arising from stubbornness, the pillar of blame is required as a supporting mechanism! Blame enables the sufferer to outsource the cause of his suffering upon another, which thus relinquishes him of all need to make any internal change! Blame is a walking cane for suffering, which is rooted in personal resistance. But it goes still further! Blame, further intensified, then bears the fruit of anger, hate, rage and its kinfolk. Why? Because anger and its cabal have a uniform characteristic: it seeks to coerce another into making the change that the individual himself should be making. So if blame outsources the cause of the suffering, then anger and its cabal are the gangsters that either seek to force another into making the changes in lieu of oneself, or accepting complete responsibility for the pain and suffering. Either way it is a distraction to avoid personally changing oneself. Through this negligence, the night of the soul darkens as the abyss of infamy deepens to swallow the afflicted soul of horrors.

As I indicated on a previous post on forgiveness, the first step is to look inward and ask in sincerity “What internal qualities is this experience meant to help me develop and refine?” With this question, the only focus is on the needed improvement we are urged to make. The improvements of soul made possible by the crucible of these experiences that is meant to crack the shell of our misconceptions, and thus intenerate us into a higher consciousness of objective reality. As we step forward with faith and determination to change, we will then see the pain was just the Sacred Star in the sky that now summons us, like the wise men, to the stable wherein we might recognize, perceive and absorb the Light of Truth figuratively incarnated through the situation. With this, gratitude then awakens. The gratitude born of the awakening and rebirth into newness. May each with a determined heart, who strive with all the fervor of their inner longing for liberation, be granted the strength and clarity to win through!

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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