When a person lies, there is a part of him that dies each time. Lying is a form of self-hate and self-deprecation. The gossiper bears false witness against another, but the liar bears false witness against himself. It is a form of self-loathing, a deficit of love. Lying is a simultaneous act of suicide and birth. Suicide because one willingly murders through the act of denial what one really is, and birth because he gives life to the shadow of what he is not.

Lying itself is a form of schizophrenia, a personality disorder of constant conflict that gives the conflicted one a license to perpetuate a double-life. But in this double-life he is actually committed to neither, since he never fully reveals or gives himself. Consequently he cannot grow and blossom, because on no soil is he fully and adequately planted. Ergo the half-hearted dealings consume him into an exhaustion of himself, the fatigue of which causes him to sink deeper into the mire of self-denial.

Lying is a form of self-hate because the greatest fear of the liar is honesty and truth. However, since Truth is the Light from which the human spirit was created, who bears attributes of this Light, it follows that the liar actually fears himself. He becomes an ally of evil and darkness that assists him toward the destruction of himself. Lying is a cloak that hides Truth, that necessitates the thickening darkness of secrecy to perpetuate itself. Furthermore, Truth is eternal-unchangeable and consistent. However, a lie is capricious and inconsistent, thus needing a constant shape-shifting, reinventing and alteration to sustain itself. Hence one Truth suffices to collapse the incongruence of a thousand lies. For this reason, the Light is its greatest enemy.

The heart of a liar is the heart of unhappiness. Unhappy with a present situation or circumstance he finds no joy through unfulfilled coveted desires. The lie becomes a gateway to escape his unhappiness and a leverage to secure an advantage to fulfill his desires. He uses a lie to run from the unhappiness he himself created. But in lying, he becomes fearful at the possibility of being discovered. So in addition to being unhappy, through the lie, he also becomes fearful. The union of fear and unhappiness, aided by selfishness, then breeds resentment. Resentment against the people and circumstances he feels have contributed toward his misery and misfortune. Resentment by nature then blinds him from full recognition of his actions and himself, for he outsources the blame to others.

Such resentment then becomes a form of tyranny, because in the pursuit of his selfish desires at all costs, he becomes unjust and insensitive to his environment and neighbor. Objectifying them as only a means to achieve the ends of his selfish desires. The lying itself is a form of exploitation and theft, for the lie steals the energy from one reality to fashion the mirage of another one for the sake of exploiting, solely to minister to a selfish desire. In summary, we have unhappiness of the spirit that, prompted by lying, leads to fear. Aided by selfishness, it breeds resentment which then bandages and barricades self-recognition and growth. The resentment becomes a subconscious tyranny where one becomes unjust and insensitive. In this injustice, one steals energy, i.e., deflates life from one reality, and siphons it to fashion a delusion and thus exploit another to fulfill personal desires. So with lying we have unhappiness, fear, selfishness, resentment, tyranny, insensitivity, theft, exploitation etc. With these there is no peace. Bereft of peace, there is no love. For peace is the expression of a loving heart. So the heart of a liar is truly lacking in the fullness of love, only in which the abundance of joy and happiness can be found. Thus the liar truly despises himself and is lacking in love, that is why he is unable give it. For only in love can we find happiness instead of unhappiness, security instead of fear, selflessness instead selfishness, adoration instead of resentment, service instead of tyranny, consideration instead of insensitivity, charity instead of theft, and help instead of exploitation.

What the liar is searching for is really the fullness of love. However, you do not find love by seeking it, but rather by giving it wherever you are.

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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