Equality through differences

Equality lies in the balanced appreciation of differences, not the elimination of it. Equality fosters the unique environment through which the different and unique dispositions can be realized, pursued, and developed. Equality is thus the mutual appreciation of diversification of roles, not the promotion of uniformity of workings.

In nature, a plant and a flower are equal not in their ability to perform the same function, but rather in the indispensability of their unique activities that contributes evenly toward the perpetuity of the ecosystem in different ways. They are equal only in the equivalent necessity of their different workings. From this blossoms respect. Respect flourishes when differences and uniqueness unattainable by one is recognized and supported within the other through the realization of its necessity.

From respect, harmony arises! In music, harmony is struck when two different notes complement and balance each other. You cannot have harmony and beauty through the equality of sameness and uniformity. Forsooth, it becomes just white-noise. The same principle holds in life between the sexes. Only those amplified differences that complement each other can create the music of humanly beauty, harmony and respect.

But it goes further! For from out of this triune blossoms humility. Humility is the recognition of one’s inability to achieve everything, in the realization that only those unique differences from another alone can bridge the gap of one’s incapacity. Humility mandates the recognition of one’s limits and strict boundaries ordained by Nature, which brings the liveliest motivation to develop these in the highest possible way; in order that one’s uniqueness can complete the circle of another’s limitation and vice versa. Equality in this light is thus the balanced and even appreciation of unattainable and complementary differences, and the creation of opportunities whereby those differences can be developed and realized.

As the quadrate of harmony, respect, humility, and beauty exists only in the realization and ennoblement of unbridgeable differences between all life-forms, and with this a natural limitation complemented and completed only by others…we see what destruction and chaos we are brewing on earth today. There is a war to suppress and eliminate the sacred intuition of differences between the sexes, and with that the natural limits, duties and predispositions assigned by Nature. But with this we are destroying ourselves and all sense of harmony, beauty and respect. The abolition of the triune makes humility impossible, which is a reason why vanity, conceit and self-infatuation are rampant today. Limitation does not infer weakness or inferiority, but is rather a call to develop and cultivate what we are apportioned by Nature to the highest possible heights without coveting anything else. Just because we can, does not infer we should.

To be equal then is only to be just as indispensable in our unique and very different activity, but not to become the same as the other. Nature testifies to this, so it is high time we humans conform to this inviolable principle. For only through this can the golden quadrate of harmony, beauty, respect and humility blossom. Once this quadrate is fulfilled, peace then arises; forming a sacred pentagon of five. But then this pentagon of qualities and virtues bears and expresses the number five, thus numerically swinging in the vibration of love. True love of the human spirit, of oneself, one’s neighbor, but above all to God who made this experiencing possible. Consequently, true love of the spirit then manifests as obedience and conformity to Nature’s Laws that reflect the Will of God, only through which one discovers one’s unique identity and destiny.

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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One Response to Equality through differences

  1. Kayode says:

    Well expressed.
    The predominant intuition behind the ‘equality’ drive has been the aspiration for self importance. Collectively I think the women’s movement initially started as a reaction to political, social and economic disenfranchisement. But One can see how we have gone backwards now with the ‘equality’ talk that is used to advocate for any figure these days. We really need to address the How and Why and then the more natural picture you elucidated will come to fore. Any objective observation of Life AS IT IS is sufficient for that.
    Only then can we correct our wrong attitude that enforces these notions of gender inequality.
    Self-infatuation is an apt term to describe our mania. I will adopt it.


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